December 2022

FAIR-GNSS annual meeting

Discussions with the members of the follow-up committee focused on the proposal for assigning DOI to GNSS data, the work devoted to the restructuring of the GNSS data repository, and the overall progress of the project.

October 2022

FAIR-GNSS webinar

The FAIR-GNSS team organized a webinar to give a hands-on introduction to FAIR data principles and showcase a practical implementation of the FAIR principles guidelines in the context of the FAIR-GNSS project.

June 2022

May 2022

March 2022

FAIR-GNSS annual report on activities in all work packages

A short report about the project's activties from March 2021 to March 2022.

FAIR-GNSS proposal for GNSS metadata standardisation

We have drafted a proposal for standardized metadata (GNSS-DCAT-AP) to be attached to GNSS RINEX data when they are e.g. downloaded from a GNSS data repository using web services. The proposal and its documentation are publicly available on a GitHub repository.

November 2021

FAIR-GNSS annual meeting

An occasion for an overview on the status of the project. Discussions with the members of the follow-up committee focused on the overall progress and on the work on GNSS data preparation (data inventory, restructuring of the databases, etc.) and the proposals for GNSS metadata.

FAIR-GNSS proposal for GeodesyML

The text of the FAIR-GNSS proposal for GNSS station metadata (extended GeodesyML) is now under discussion with the GeodesyML task force of the IGS infrastructure committee and is publicly available in a GitHub repository of ROB's GNSS team.

October 2021

FAIR-GNSS report on the selection of metadata schemas for GNSS data

A report on the process of selecting metadata standard(s) for GNSS data, containg the proposals for GNSS station metadata (extended GeodesyML) and GNSS RINEX files metadata (extended DCAT-AP).

June 2021

FAIR-GNSS updated DMP and data inventory

As a preliminary step in the process of selecting metadata standard(s) for GNSS data, an inventory of the data hosted in ROB's repositories has been created to structure the data information and identify potential and relevant metadata items.

May 2021

March 2021

First project deliverables

First report on FAIR guidelines and assessment approaches, and set up of this project website

February 2021

FAIR-GNSS kick-off meeting

The FAIR-GNSS project has been funded and has officially started! Discussions with the follow-up committee during the kick-off meeting focused on the use of PID and the lack of community-agreed standards for GNSS data. For more details, have a look here.

June 2020

May 2020