GNSS data repositories

EUREF data repository

The EUREF data repository is operated by ROB in the frame of ROB’s services to the international EUREF Permanent GNSS Network and linked to the European Plate Observing System (EPOS) ESFRI.

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The data in this repository are collected by ROB from two international EUREF data centers, several regional data centers, or sent directly to ROB by data providers from all over Europe. The repository contains data from hundreds GNSS stations, coming from different agencies (from 37 countries mainly located in Europe). All data in the repository are open data, meaning that all data owners provided the data with the goal to make the data openly available for download by anonymous ftp. ROB offers the data owners the possibility to provide information about data licenses, but a lot of the data owners has not yet provided this information because it has not been considered mandatory within the EUREF community. The data licenses that have been provided are CC0 or CC BY 4.0, which are licenses in agreement with the EUREF and EPOS data policy. The repository contains data from 1996 until today (new data are added every day as part of ROB’s commitment to EUREF). The data in the repository consists of 1 or 2 daily data files for each GNSS station and containing observation data in the Hatanaka-compressed gzipped RINEX format (RINEX version 2 and/or version 3). RINEX is a community-agreed standard format for the exchange of GNSS data (used by all GNSS repositories all over the world).

Belgian data repository

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ROB also maintains a repository with the GNSS data from all Belgian ETRS89 GNSS reference stations belonging to the FLEPOS network, the WALCORS network, and ROB itself. ROB aims at applying the EUREF standards to the Belgian data. At present, this data repository is not been accessible to the public, although the data are potentially valuable for many scientific and non-scientific users, similar to the EPN data.